Integrated Marketing

A smart man once said, “If you are not integrating, you are coagulating”. Never a truer word spoken, especially when you apply this to marketing. We’re moving to a consumer-controlled environment while at the same time there have never been more tools at a marketer’s disposal. And before I go any further let me just tell you that we are not a company of bloggers. We are a company of doers and we sometimes blog about what we do. And this is one of those times. We realize that we must stay ahead of the curve. This is an industry where it really matters. In the spirit of non-coagulation we have taken the steps, hired the people, and built the technologies that make us capable of handling integrated marketing campaigns.

Some of these technologies and resources include direct marketing, cross media, to QR Codes, PURLS, promotions, to mobile websites, landing pages and the list goes on. Not to mention the veritable treasure trove of many media outlets to use. The tough part is knowing what to do with these tools, knowing how to turn these threads into a solid marketing rope. This is what separates the kids from the adults (we wont just say boys from the men, women make brilliant marketers too).

 Data is an appropriate place to start. You have to have a map before you pack up your bags and hit the road. But even before that, you have to ask yourself where you want to go. Knowing your customer, and I mean really knowing them, is crucial to an integrated marketing plan. Having data analytics are great for getting to know your customer, on paper, and the best way of having them answer questions you may have not even asked. In the end it is all about the making the customer happy and keeping them happy. So what’s better than anticipating their needs?

 Once you have your data, then begins the process of rope making that we were talking about earlier.  A solid strategy is what makes integrated marketing live and breathe or crash and burn for that matter. Good marketers will excel here and apply the smartest tools for the toughest problems they are going up against.

 The marketing landscape is changing, this is not news or at least it shouldn’t be (call us if it is). One underlying factor of integrated marketing is relationship building and nurturing; your customer matters so listen up and listen well. Consumers have a louder voice than ever, think about social media; Digital David vs. Goliaths, have occurred many times and have changed the way marketers use social media. If you read that correctly you should have picked up that consumers have changed the behavior of marketers, not the other way around. Don Draper would need another cocktail if he heard that statement. Companies like Kodak now have a “Chief Listener” that’s an official title. Integrated marketing is shifting from using the 4P’s to the 4C’s of Marketing:
CONSUMER instead of Product
COST instead of Price (more than just dollars and cents)
CONVENIENCE instead of Place
COMMUNICATION instead of Promotion

So when you think presentation…Think Precision.

 P.S. We practice what we preach, so talk to us…

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